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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of Arctic Nutrition Oy in accordance with Personal Data Act (10 and 24 §) and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The primary reason for processing personal data is customer or contractual relationship or the consent of the data subject, or legitimate interest of the register controller. Compiled on May 1st, 2018. Last update 20.5.2018.

1. Register Controller

Arctic Nutrition Oy (2688911-9)
Fredrikinkatu 7
49400 Hamina
tel. +358 5 229 6777

2. Contact Person Responsible for the Register

Karri Holmberg
email: asiakaspalvelu@arcticnutrition.com
Arctic Nutrition Oy
tel. +358 5 229 6777

3. Name of the Register

The register based on customer relationship with Arctic Nutrition Oy and cooperative partners responsible for operations of Arctic Nutrition Oy in different countries.

4. Legal Basis and Purpose for Processing Personal Data

The purpose of processing is the customer relationship management, and the implementation of the rights and obligations of the customer and Arctic Nutrition Oy and partner companies. These include customer support, verification of customer transactions, developing and analysing the operations of the register controller, customer communications, implementation and personalization of services, marketing and advertising (including targeting them) for both present and potential customers, prevention and detection of abusive practices, business research, design and development, interaction with authorities concerning e.g. tax-related issues. Additionally the data may be processed based on and in accordance with the consent given by the data subject. The data contained in the register may be used as permitted under legislation under consent or refusal, by the register controller and companies in close cooperation with it, for direct marketing of cooperative partners, distance selling or other direct marketing, opinion polls or marketing research, and other equivalent addressed dispatches.

5. Data Content of the Register

Among other things, the register may include data related to the following categories necessary for the purpose of the register.

Basic information varying by customer groups (regular customer, independent representative), such as:

  • First and last names
  • Contact information (such as address, telephone number, e-mail address)
  • Year of birth
  • Social security number
  • Country of residence
  • Tax information, such as tax rate
  • Bonus payment information

Data related to customer relationship and other objective connection, such as:

  • Data related to using services (password, user name, customer identification number, identifying information for electronic communication)
  • Details of purchases made as an identified customer (e.g. online shop purchases) and various stages and events of the purchase process
  • Details related to payment process
  • Start and end dates of the customer relationship
  • In credit card payments: the type of credit card, expiry date and last four digits of the card, and data identifying transactions
  • In online bank payments: e.g. the reference number of the payment, bank identification and data identifying transactions
  • Information relating to invoicing and debt collection
  • Use of free services (e.g. newsletters)
  • Information provided by the data subjects themselves
  • Communication relating to customer relationship and other objective connection, and communication through different channels and media (e.g. complaints and other feedback, and recordings of customer service calls)
  • Direct marketing permissions and refusals, and data related to targeting the marketing
  • Data material produced by the data subject or relating to them (e.g. social media material and communication relating to the register controller)
  • Event and user analysis data
  • Other data collected from the use of service and data derived from it, such as behavioural data based on data collected with cookies
  • Data relating to the device used by the data subject, such as terminal device, IP address, operating system
  • Update information on data specified above

The service provider has a right to maintain customer relationship and process customer's personal data at least as long as there is objective connection between parties, and a reasonable period of time thereafter, e.g. to fulfil the right to information of tax authorities. Additionally in accordance with other legitimate obligations, Arctic Nutrition Oy may have to store the data longer than would normally be necessary. The customer data remains in the company database in a recognizable form until the customer terminates the customer relationship in writing, since the customers of the company have an automatic minimum right for regular customer relationship. There may be exceptions due to authorities' right to information.

6. Regular Data Sources of the Register

The data sources include the information collected from customers themselves or from customer's authorized agents by telephone, mail, e-mail or in an equivalent manner, and from register controllers systems in connection with the registration and use of the services through cookies and other equivalent techniques, as well as data provided by customers themselves. In addition to this, personal data may be collected from e.g. social media related to register controller's operations, if there is available data of the data subject. The personal data may be collected and updated from postal address database, population information system, credit information system, register maintained by Data & Marketing Association of Finland (DMA Finland/ASML), and other equivalent public and private registers providing data providers and data sources, as well as the cooperation partners of the register controller.

If any services launched in the future include location information, the location information will be defined by the available location methods, such as the locations of GPS and WLAN access points and cellular network base stations. If the customer is registered in the network service or mobile application of the register controller or a company in the same company group, the so called observed data, collected through cookies or other equivalent techniques, may be integrated with personal data collected of the customer in another context.

7. Data Extraditions and Transfers

The register controller may disclose data to the extent permitted and required by legislation to e.g. companies in cooperation with the register controller and to selected cooperation partners for marketing purposes, unless the data subject has not prohibited such disclosure. With the data subject's permission the search criteria, contact requests related to certain subjects and contact information may be disclosed to cooperation partners, such as producers of digital services closely related to the business operations of Arctic Nutrition Oy.

The data is not regularly transferred outside EU or EEA, unless it is necessary for the technical implementation of the service or for other justified reason. In that case, the register controller will ensure the adequate level of data protection through contractual arrangements as required by the legislation.

The company may disclose data to cooperation companies in other countries responsible for the operations of Arctic Nutrition Oy, such as Arctic Nutrition GmbH in Germany. The cooperation companies may use the personal data only for the purposes defined in this privacy policy.

8. Principles of Register Protection

The databases for storing the register data are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The databases and their backup files are located in locked premises. Manually handled documents containing information on the data subjects are stored in locked premises where unauthorized access is prevented. The register controller ensures that only those employees of the register controller and employees of the companies acting on behalf of the register controller, who need it to perform their work duties, have access to the data.

9. Right to Review, Prohibit, and Correct

The data subject has a right to review what information about him/her is stored in the register. The review request must be sent signed and in writing to the person responsible for the register issues. The data material is delivered to the data subject in person after the identity has been verified, in the office of the register controller, or outside of Finland in the office of the company responsible for Arctic Nutrition Oy operations in the country in question, within a reasonable time required by law, unless there is a special reason to extend the response time. The request review fee is 20 euros.

The data subject has a right to prohibit the disclosure and processing of his/her data for direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing as well as opinion polls and marketing research.

The data subject has a right to request for correction of incorrect data by contacting the person responsible for register issues or by notifying the customer service of the register controller.

10. Cookie policy

For this website to function as well as possible, it occasionally stores small data files on your device, which are referred to as cookies. This is common practice on most large websites.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by the website on your computer or mobile phone when you visit a website. Cookies are used for generating statistical data, visitor monitoring, advertising and site development. Cookies store information about the way you use the website on your device, for example your username, preferred language, font size and various display settings. The data is stored in a way that you do not need to enter the same information every time you visit or browse the website. Third parties may analyse and combine data in their own systems, for example for visitor statistics, targeted advertising or profiling, like Facebook does for targeted marketing. For Arctic Nutrition, cookies are anonymous data.

How are cookies used?

The website includes cookies from third parties. In some cases, data is stored on servers outside of the EU, and all operators are actively involved in the Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and the US (http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_MEMO-16-2462_en.htm).

Third party cookies on the arcticnutrition.com website

  • With Google Analytics, we can monitor how often the website is used and in what way. For example, Google Analytics stores visit counts and information about the pages viewed.
  • Facebook Pixel is used to collect information about the effect of advertising and visitors’ behaviour on the website. It is also used for targeted advertising based on the user’s objects of interest. Facebook collects data anonymously and does not store personal information. Read more about Facebook’s cookie policy: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/#

How can you control cookies?

You can control and/or delete cookies freely. There is relevant information on the website aboutcookies.org. You can remove all cookies stored on your computer, and most browsers can be set up so that cookies are not allowed to be stored at all. However, please remember that if you do not allow cookies to be used, you have to redefine certain settings every time you return to a website. You might also not be able to use some services and features on the website.

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